Thursday, September 13, 2007

Skaha, or Back into Summer

Sick of cold and big mountains, we are off West, wild wild west - canadian style! It resembles more French Riviera with wineries and rich tourists. Beautiful Lake District that has a climbing jewel hidden in its mist - Skaha. Developped only during the 90ies by some outdoor enthusiasts, it is situated in a beautiful canyon-like setting, full of rattlers and other unpleasant species - such as the fascist farmer who owns the parking lot at the base and chases climbers unwilling to part with their last 10 dollars for the parking fee... Anyway, capitalism rules, but climbing in Skaha is probably worth the $10 fee, i should not complain.

Both, sport and trad, mainly 1-pitch long, this is a very worth-while cragging area between the Rockies and the coast. Off for granite and Squamish now!


Michel said...

I'd be very careful about throwing around terms like "fascist." First, I doubt the farmer was a member of a '30s political group in Italy.
Second, it is because of that farmer that you, and other climbers, have access to easy Skaha. He could have sold his land already to some golf course conglomerate, but is holding out and would rather sell it to a climber's association.
If you're willing to pay $15 for the Gunks, then I don't think $10 is too much to pay for Skaha. Other land owners have already closed their cliffs to climbers because said climbers feel too self-entitled to contribute. Torrent Falls at Red River Gorge and Skytop at you-know-where come to mind.
Just something to think about.

Michel said...

Um, I meant easy access, not "access to easy Skaha."

uasunflower said...

yeah, maybe i over-reacted a bit there...but paying $15 for the gunks sucks as much!